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Style Consultation

When you look great, you feel great.  Changing the way you look, will change how you feel.  My goal is to provide an enriching, encouraging, exciting and worthwhile experience for you.  During this informative session, I will discuss your body type, personal style, colors that compliment your skin tone, discuss your ideas, fashion sense and answer any related questions.


45 minutes $100.00

 If personalized services are rendered, the fee is waived.  If not, the fee is due at the end of each initial consultation.


Personal & Special Occasion Styling

Are you going somewhere special and have no idea what to wear?  Have no fear Kchic is here!  This service includes a style consultation to discuss dress code, budget and style preferences.  Kchic also shops for ensemble and discuss hair and make-up recommendations.


$100.00 per hour

Flat Daily Rate:  $400.00


Personal Shopping

Kchic is available to single clients and/or corporations.  As an experienced personal shopper, I vow to make your shopping experience unforgettable.  I will teach you how to shop according to your individual budget, whether it is for a special occasion, work or a night out.  I will provide you with of essential pieces needed for your wardrobe and the best places you are likely to find them.


$150.00 per hour

Minimum of two hours ($300.00)


Travel Wardrobe & Packing

If you are going on vacation or business trip, packing can be very stressful and complicated. Many people often pack too much or not enough.  Learn how to make the most out of your outfits and still look great on while you travel. Each outfit will be styled to perfection based on the theme, location, and individual style. 


$210 per hour

Minimum of two hours ($420.00)

Full day $1,200


Photo Shoot Styling

For those who need a wardrobe presence on the day of a photo shoot, Kchic can supply an on-set wardrobe stylist (who comes fully prepared with a steamer, fashion fix kit and other tools of the trade) to assist with taping, tweaking, alterations and other wardrobe-related issues.  We work with live subjects, as well as styling clothing for product photography.  Prior to the photo shoot, our styling service will take care of all steaming, ironing, shoe-shining, tie-tying, emergency stain removal and other wardrobe-related needs.  Just leave it in our hands; your stylist will make sure that everything is tucked and taped properly, just like on a movie set!


$150.00 per hour


Virtual Styling
In this package, you have the opportunity to ask anything (well, within reason!) of a professional stylist. Want a second opinion on an outfit? Need help choosing between two different styles? During this face time or Skype session, the time is yours to use as you'd like.


Next, have your current fashion choices and sense of style assessed by a wardrobe professional. Enjoy personalized fashion advice and receive a detailed shopping list (including links to specific stores) to help you complement your current pieces, or build a brand new wardrobe without ever leaving the house.


 $85 per hour


Full day 5 hours $425

How does it work?
 All wardrobe styling clients begin their experience with a consultation that provides information on the wants and needs of the client. This process lets your personal stylist learn a little bit about your personality, and helps to determine your specific taste, budget, and goals. Virtual clients are also asked to submit a series of snapshots which exemplify their current fashion sense, sense, body type, etc.

after the consultation, your stylist will follow up with a face time, Skype, or e-mail consultation, then create a shopping plan specifically for you. You'll be provided with store, size, and color advice, as well as a shopping list with links to specific clothing item (plus shoe and accessory suggestions) to help you complete your new look.

All virtual styling appointments are tailored specifically to the needs and goals of the individual client. You can arrange a session with a specific goal in mind (work clothing, vacation wear, maternity clothes, sexy lingerie, etc.), opt for a general wardrobe update, or let Kchic put together a shopping list for a special event.



Wardrobe Make-Over

First, I will start with a style consultation, subsequent to that I will do a closet check-up, which will include taking out what doesn’t fit, look good or is out dated.  Next, we will go shopping for your new wardrobe.  During this experience, I will teach you how to shop for your body and to avoid bad buys.  Once we have purchased all the necessary purchases, we will go to your home and mix/match all the necessary pieces, including accessories and shoes.  You will also receive an on call professional personal stylist during the duration of wardrobe styling. This make-over includes a personalized gift to start you on your new look journey. *Capsule wardrobe may result in price increase. 


$850.00 per full day (5 hours)


Deluxe Full-day makeover/ photo package

This package includes 1 hour image consultation, Fashion styling, hairstyling, makeup application, photo shoot in 3 outfits with 3 retouched photos.


$1,550 (10hours)




A $100 deposit is due upon starting any styling service. The deposit will be applied to final payment upon completion of services.



Lending from Kchic Boutique

Any item pulled from Kchic Boutique by an artist (such as but not limited to: fashion stylist, photographer, model) requires a 20% restocking fee per item once merchandise is pulled.  If any product or good on loan from Kchic Boutique is stained, torn or damaged, in any way, it is up to the recipient of the loan to compensate the full cost of the damaged items.  ALL items must be returned to Kchic Boutique (located at 161 Kings Highway East Fairfield, CT) within 24 hours of photo shoots and 48 hours of fashion shows.  Information regarding the photo shoot or fashion show must be given to the boutique owner at her discretion.  A credit card number must be given and put on file in case items are lost or damaged in such cases the card will be charged.


Social Media

Upon completion of the styling service rendered by Kchic, any picture displayed on social media must be tagged and given recognition to @styledbykethlene and @kchicboutique (if wearing items from boutique) for the services rendered. (Example: Instagram stylist:@styledbykethlene and clothing from @kchicsboutique; Facebook stylist: styled by Kethlene and clothing from Kchicboutique)


Travel & Other Expenses

Flat fee of $35.00;

For all clients in the Stamford/New Haven metro area.  This rate is per day.


$40.00 per hour for all out of state and out of Stamford//New Haven metro area clients.  Tolls, parking, hotel/motel, rentals, airline tickets and fees, baggage fees, meals and all other travel expenses will be itemized and charged to the Client.  Payment is due at the final delivery of services, or as negotiated and written on signed agreement. 


Any other fees and hourly rates not discussed or re-negotiated will be placed in this agreement in the “Comments” section.  The execution of this agreement will bind you to the negotiated rates.


Shipping fees vary on items purchased online.



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Kethlene Felican-Torres

MSW, CEO, Fashion therapist, Evestylist, Fashion Image Consultant

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